Eagle uncovers the future of x-ray inspection technologies at Expo Pack 2012

June 26, 2012

Manufacturers take a closer look at x-ray inspection with advanced x-ray product inspection systems for the food & beverage industry

Mexico City, 26 June 2012: In an ever-changing regulatory environment with new packaging formats and products being continuously introduced to the market, manufacturers and processors are under pressure to employ the most effective contaminant detection and product inspection techniques available. At Expo Pack Mexico 2012, Eagle demonstrated a range of x-ray inspection technologies developed to meet the needs of specific applications, including glass and rigid container inspection, x-ray for small and medium size companies, and fat analysis for meat processors.

Eagle Pack 240 XE

Eagle showcased the Pack 240 XE, a system for the inspection of packaged products designed specifically for small and medium sized enterprises. With many retailers introducing stringent guidelines regarding product traceability throughout the supply chain, companies looking to compete and supply on a global scale are under pressure to invest in advanced product inspection technology that ensures compliance. Designed to fit into existing production lines without the need for added space or infrastructure, the Eagle Pack 240 XE can support a “supermarket package”, a software and hardware option offering enhanced control measures required by leading supermarket brands. This feature enhances reject monitoring functions to reduce the possibility of human intervention, increasing security levels in production lines. With Eagle SimulTask™ image analysis software the Pack 240 XE incorporates a fully customised interface that simplifies product set-up to facilitate changeovers, reduces downtime and increases flexibility with the product inspection process. It also includes various operator log-in levels, allowing access rights only to designated users to prevent operator error and further enhance security.

Eagle Tall PRO XS

Rigid and upright glass containers such as bottles and jars can pose challenges to traditional product inspection techniques due to the blind spots that can occur at the bottom of the container. The Tall Pro XS offers a solution for these blind spots thanks to its side view inspection providing full inspection of cans and bottles at variable speeds on high speed lines. The compact system is time and cost effective, with a small space footprint allowing it to be easily be deployed over existing conveyor belts without having to modify the production line or change plant layout. Moreover, this system features Eagle’s SimulTask™ PRO image analysis software, which can provide precise measurement of content by eliminating variations of the container, such as missing or double lids.

Manufacturers at the show discovered this system firsthand, as well as recent advancements in Eagle’s technology that enable x-ray inspection equipment to simultaneously perform a wide range of in-line quality checks. For example, Eagle’s systems can determine fill level, measure headspace, and verify component presence and absence to alert manufacturers to over- or under-fulfillment to avoid waste.

Eagle Fat Analysis System

 Eagle experts were on hand at the show to discuss advanced methods of fat analysis, using video footage to demonstrate to visitors the technology behind the Eagle Fat Analysis System. As margins become tighter, food manufacturers need to keep costs to a minimum, requiring accurate fat analysis methods that provide more control over their production processes. Utilising a technique known as DEXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry), the Eagle Fat Analysis System accurately measures CL (Chemical Lean) values of meat products within +/- 1CL. Visitors learnt how this method satisfies current market demands for greater accuracy for labeling and process efficiencies, helping manufacturers to improve yield management due to the increased control they have throughout the production line. The increased accuracy provided by this fat analysis method also improves the consistency of their products, reducing fat claims and lean giveaway that can result from traditional, less accurate fat analysis techniques.

“The food manufacturing industry in Latin America is growing, especially Mexico’s and Brazil’s food exports. In order to be competitive at a global level, manufacturers need to comply with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) regulations and guidelines,” said Carlos Roque, Sales Manager, Mexico & Central America at Eagle Product Inspection. “At Eagle, we have the capabilities, knowledge and experience to develop highly advanced, accurate x-ray inspection systems designed to meet specific food and beverage manufacturers’ needs. Our x-ray inspection systems, which cover everything from packaged products of all sizes, to products in glass jars or bottles, to bulk products and meat, allow food producers to comply with the toughest food safety standards and become players in the global food manufacturing arena.”