5 Reasons to Invest in X-ray Inspection for Quality Assurance

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With today’s consumers and retailers more intent than ever on purchasing quality food, manufacturers are increasingly relying on food inspection equipment to protect consumers and safeguard their brands by reducing the risk of costly product recalls. However, with so many inspection systems on the market (checkweighers, vision systems, metal detectors and x-ray systems), deciding which machine to purchase can be confusing. We’ll make it easy for you at Eagle PI by explaining why investing in x-ray inspection helps quality assurance.

X-ray detection systems can be found in food processing and packaging plants worldwide, but if you’re wondering whether food x-ray inspection is right for your specific product line and whether it will bring a return on investment, this article is for you.

Five key motivations behind food manufacturers’ decisions to invest in x-ray inspection technology over other food inspection methods as part of their HACCP programs are as follows:

  1. You’re looking to expand your business to international markets and/or major retailers
  2. Your HACCP audit identified your food products are at risk of physical contaminants other than metal
  3. Your packaging contains metal or foil and/or product temperature and salinity can vary during your production process
  4. Space and/or speed limitations are a factor on your production line
  5. You want value for money…Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

X-ray inspection equipment is vital for manufacturers looking to keep pace in today’s highly competitive and increasingly global food industry. As well as helping manufacturers gain the GFSI-accreditation necessary to grow their business and reach new markets, x-ray machines deliver unrivaled physical contamination detection within a variety of food products, even those in foil or metallized film packaging. What’s more, variations in temperature and salinity have no effect on sensitivity of contamination detection. X-ray inspection machines can detect and rejects products that contain contaminants such as metal, glass, stone, calcified bone and dense plastics. To learn more on how x-ray inspection helps quality assurance contact an Eagle x-ray expert.

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