Are Your Pet Products Safe? X-ray Technologies Reduce Safety Risk, Help Assure Quality

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Like their human companions, four-legged and furry friends need protection from contaminants. As the market for pet foods and treats continues to change and grow, pet food companies can prevent foreign materials from getting into the pet supply chain and, at the same time, ensure the quality and integrity of their products by using the latest x-ray inspection systems.

The pet food and treat business is growing, with more and different products aimed at discerning pet “parents” who want to give their dogs, cats and other domesticated animals the best, safest foods and treats possible.

According to a new report from Euromonitor, the pet food is becoming an increasingly competitive market, leading to innovations among big companies as well as local and niche manufacturers. Another study shows that the pet food category is a hotbed of innovation, in both product development and packaging.

As in human food, though, the pet food industry is not without recalls that are costly in both reputation and expense. To prevent recalls and to provide customers with assurances of products’ safety and integrity, pet food manufacturers can utilize x-ray systems to make sure products are free of harmful contaminants and are up to standards and expectations.

Eagle provides a range of solutions for pet foods and treats, including dry, semi-moist and wet pet food items in a variety of packaging formats, from traditional cans to new types of chub packaging and stand-up pouches. Among other systems, Eagle offers the 550 PRO with dual-energy Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology that can detect metal, glass, stone, rock or bone even in dense or highly textured products. Click here to learn about how the Eagle 550 PRO provides solutions for challenging pet food packages.

In addition to performing superior contaminant detection, even after bags have been closed, Eagle’s x-ray systems can conduct important quality checks, including fill level and weight verification. Click here to see how x-ray machines provide multiple benefits in addition to contaminant detection.

For more information on x-ray technology used in a variety of package types for pet food, click here.

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