How Pipeline X-ray Inspection Overcomes Challenges in Pumped Foods

Poultry, Red Meat
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X-ray systems can be deployed while products, including solid materials, slurries and liquids, are pumped through a pipeline. The pumping stage is a critical control point early in the process before contaminants get further processed.

Going with the flow sometimes means actually going with the flow. In the case of products pumped through a pipeline, inspecting the material during this phase prevents the spread of contaminants that pose food safety and quality problems later on in the process.

Indeed, one of the most important critical control points is at the beginning of the manufacturing process, before product is mixed and further processed. X-ray systems offer several advantages for pipeline inspection of pumped meat and poultry as well as slurries, semi-solids and fluids.

  • Because pumped products are in a homogeneous state, x-ray technology can differentiate between organic and inorganic materials in product flowing through a pipe.
  • X-ray technologies from Eagle Product Inspection perform advanced inspection while maintaining a systemic pipeline flow, maintaining efficiencies and maximizing uptime with less rework.
  • Eagle’s Pipeline machine is specifically designed for the inspection of pumped products, with a rugged stainless-steel construction and a manifold design that can inspect various pipe diameters, including 2.5”, 3”, 4” and 6 inches. The machine was also designed for easy front access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Advanced software, including Eagle’s SimulTask™ PRO and TraceServer™ programs, provide detailed image analysis and management of inspection data, respectively.

Click here to get tips on where to deploy x-ray technology on the line, at different but important stages of production.

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