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With Americans consuming billions of burgers a year, it’s safe to say that these products and the processes behind them are as important as ever. At PROCESS EXPO 2019 in October, a live automated beef patty production line will be set up to showcase the seamless process of making high quality, consistent and safe burger patties, from the handling of raw material all the way through the inspection of finished packages. One of Eagle’s advanced x-ray inspection machines for contaminant detection and quality control checks will be included on the line. Our experts will be on hand to talk about the x-ray inspection system and answer any questions there ­and at Booth #708.

As those in the meat and poultry industry gather in Chicago this fall for PROCESS EXPO 2019, they will be looking for ways to optimize and integrate equipment on their line, save time and costs, stay compliant with evolving regulations and standards and protect their brands. On the show floor, they can see firsthand a live automated beef patty production line that demonstrates the latest technologies and how advanced systems can help processors meet their food quality control needs.

That automated patty line, which will run several times a day during PROCESS EXPO at McCormick Place between Oct. 8 and 11, is expected to be a show highlight. After the grinding, mixing, forming, interleaving and packaging steps, the line will include an advanced inspection system from Eagle Product Inspection: the Eagle Pack 400 HC x-ray machine that will inspect packaged quarter-pound hamburger patties in a 2 x 2 configuration.

Seeing this capability firsthand allows processors to learn how x-ray inspection systems that find and remove food recall-causing foreign bodies like bone, stone, glass, dense rubber and some plastics can be set up at critical control points on the line and be seamlessly integrated into other functions that enable greater operational efficiencies. The Pack 400 HC on the patty line at PROCESS EXPO is a cost-effective, complete x-ray system that inspects packages of patties for contaminants while also checking for the desired patty shape and weight, identifying any voids and verifying the number of burgers. In addition, the machine can be used to conduct zonal measurement, if the weight of multiple areas within a package needs to be checked or monitored. The system is capable of high-speed imaging up to 60 meters a minute and can be used for a variety of packaged meat, poultry, dairy and other food products in environments with stringent hygienic requirements.

Our experts will be on hand during the live demos to explain the inspection process, talk about how such inline systems help processors save money and enhance quality, safety and consistency, and answer any questions.

In addition to demos in the live automated beef patty line, processors can learn about other advanced inspection technologies that allow them to find and remove contaminants that pose safety and quality risks and help ensure finished product quality and integrity. Eagle’s exhibit at Booth #708 will feature inline systems that provide superior detection at multiple inspection points while improving productivity and line efficiencies, including the Eagle FA/3M. The FA3/M provides inline fat measuring and contaminant detection for fresh, chilled and frozen applications, with third-generation DEXA technology.

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