Tall Carton Packs Quality Assurance

The Challenge

Tall carton packs are used to package a wide variety of food and beverages including wine, milk, protein shakes and sauces. Due to their shape and metallized composition inside, there are many challenges associated to their inspection including detection of foreign bodies, mass measurement and fill level inspection.

There are three key benefits of using x-ray technology to inspect tall carton packs at the end of the production line:

  • Detects foreign contaminants such as glass, stones, swarfs etc. It represents the optimal solution for inspecting packages containing metallized foil inside.
  • Filler feedback capability allows to automatically adjust the filler level to a determined parameter when under filled or over filled products are detected.
  • Ensures total quality of the packaging – during the filling process the packs can get bent or crushed or caps can be missed.

The Solution

This application note focuses on solving tall carton packs challenges with the use of the Eagle™ Tall PRO XS Solution along with SimulTask™ PRO. This advanced technology provides unsurpassed high resolution imaging to detect foreign body contaminants and ensure correct fill level resulting in a better quality product for consumers and improvements in production line efficiencies.