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Condiments and Sauce Packets in Boxes

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X-ray Penetrates Packets In Boxes

Condiments, from ketchup to garlic sauce, are a common addition to most meals. Easy to use packets are on the rise, but manufacturers must solve quality control issues daily.

The Challenges

The Solution

The Eagle™ Pack 550 PRO with dual energy MDX technology and SimulTask™ PRO imaging software helps find hidden contaminants in busy images for packaged boxes of condiment and sauces packets. The x-ray inspection system penetrates multiple layers of stacked condiment packets to detect metal and glass contaminants in large sealed boxes. It also, simultaneously performs weight verification of each individual box before leaving the facility.

For complete specifications on how this is done and pictures of x-ray inspection of condiments and sauces packets in boxes, download the application note.

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