Choosing the Right X-ray Technology for Bone Detection in Poultry

When it comes to poultry products, processors know only too well the daily struggles faced in providing high-quality consumables, free from contaminants and bone fragments. For bone detection specifically, there are also many factors to consider such as bone maturity or product shape, size, density and even packaging.

Because of this, we’ve put together a comparative white paper titled, ‘Choosing the Right X-ray Technology for Poultry Bone Detection’, that not only outlines different x-ray technologies to help combat these challenges but also highlights Eagle’s new PXT™, Performance X-ray Technology, that takes poultry bone detection to a new level. Now processors can detect bone fragments in poultry down to 1 mm in size, minimizing bone contamination as well as other hazardous foreign bodies and maintain safe quality assurance programs.

Find out how this radically enhanced x-ray technology works and how it compares to previous inspection technologies. Download the white paper to learn how.