Fat Analysis Machines

Eagle’s inline fat analysis x-ray systems solutions help red meat slaughterhouses and processors to optimize raw material use, comply with end-product specifications and maximize profits.

Key highlights:

  • 100% inspection of red meat – precise fat measurement, enhanced contaminant detection, mass measurement…all performed simultaneously
  • Precise measurement of chemical lean to +-2 CL thanks to Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology
  • Advanced SimulTask™ PRO image analysis software with automated exclusive functions Autocal™ and Validate™ reduce calibration downtime and makes daily calibration routines easy to execute to factory operators with just the touch of a button
  • Easy integration into existing lines, infeed, outfeed conveyors, reject mechanisms and factory data systems
  • Robust, rugged, hygienically designed to NAMI/EHEDG sanitary standards for durability in harsh washdown environments
  • Recipe management optimization and least cost formulation with OPTUM™ software for production processes optimization and cost savings.

Filter below and discover our fat analysis machines for your application.

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    X-ray inspection and fat analysis red meat FA3 Series system

    FA3 Series

    The Eagle™ FA3 series x-ray systems analyze fat, protein and moisture content, provide accurate chemical lean and mas…

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    Eagle Marquee Display Unit

    Marquee Display Unit

    Eagle’s Marquee Display Unit (MDU) provides a large bright display of measurement and x-ray inspection results from t…

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    Eagle Remote Touchscreen red meat systems

    Remote Touchscreen Console

    Eagle’s Remote Touchscreen Console (RTC) enables remote operation of the Eagle FA720 and the new FA3 series x-ray sys…

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