Eagle™ Bulk 540 PRO

The Eagle Bulk 540 PRO x-ray machine is designed to address the unique handling and inspection requirements posed by bulk flowing food products such as fruits, vegetables, pet food, seafood, granola and other cereals.

The robust construction features unobstructed sightlines and contoured surfaces to minimize potential food bacteria traps while ensuring reliable and accurate contaminant detection. The unique cupped belt design is ideal for product handling reducing product loss and spillage.

Bulk applications present busy images for traditional x-ray technology. Eagle’s optional Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) uses dual energy technology to discriminate materials by chemical composition delivering enhanced contaminant detection performance for hard to find contaminants such as:

Additional features and benefits include:

  • The machine can be disassembled by a single person in a matter of minutes for thorough sanitation and quickly reassembled to a maximize production uptime.
  • Proprietary SimulTask™ PRO image processing software ensures compliance with HACCP principles and global safety regulations by providing on-screen diagnostics, advanced image analysis and quality assurance traceability.
  • Eagle Repository™ allows convenient review of production statistics, rejected and manually-saved images through the user interface. Information can be transferred to a PC or network via USB memory stick, with statistics and reports viewable using a standard internet browser.
  • TraceServer™  option manages critical inspection data remotely on a PC or Network database.
  • Built in modem and Ethernet card enable remote technical support.
  • CAT 3 safety circuit with system status visualization standard.
  • Available with either IP65 or IP69 ingress protection.
  • Click here to see reject mechanisms for this x-ray machine.