OPTUM™ batch formulation software from Eagle Product Inspection takes the guesswork out of meat recipe management and batching to a target Chemical Lean (CL). By simply clicking the Optimize button via the user interface the operator can optimize each recipe or batch based on the raw materials currently in inventory.

OPTUM interfaces directly with the Eagle FA3 and its SimulTask™ PRO imaging software for seamless, 100% inspection and accurate chemical lean measurements. Throughout production, summary and batch usage reports can be generated with a touch of a button.

OPTUM paired with an Eagle™ FA3 series x-ray inspection system with fat measurement capabilities can help meat manufacturers maximize profits and optimize production runs while ensuring a consistent, contaminant free product for your customers.

Two Optimization Modes

Standard Mode: Standard mode requires input of raw materials and ingredients for fat and lean corrections and target weight prior to starting the batch.

Least Cost Formulation (LCF) Mode: LCF mode allows the user to optimize a batch at any time throughout the production run by recalculating ingredient requirements and amounts based upon usage, real-time fat and lean measurements and target weight requirements. OPTUM’s automated calculations and easy to read reports allow a recipe or formula to be fulfilled at the least cost to the manufacturer.

Simple User Interface

The simple user interface dashboard is the heart of the software and displays real-time production data of beef, pork or lamb measurements that pass through the FA3, via an easy-to-read dashboard. The OPTUM dashboard interprets measurement data into a graphical display and includes recipe statistics for CL, weight, protein and collagen measurement enabling the user see how close the batch is to completion.