X-ray Inspection of Lunch Packs

The Challenge

As the need for convenient lunch options grows so does the need for lunch pack ready meal manufacturers to produce safe and consistent final products. However, meeting these quality specifications can be challenging.

  • Contaminant detection for foreign bodies
  • Component count verifying inclusion of all items
  • Mass measurement to ensure accurate package weight
  • Zoned mass measurement to weigh individual compartments

The Solution

The Eagle™ Pack 240 PRO is designed for the inspection of small to mid-sized packaged products. This compact x-ray system is capable of inspecting compartmentalized containers for multiple quality control checks in a single pass and at high-line speeds. Combined with SimulTask™ PRO image analysis software, the system simultaneously inspects individually sealed lunch packs for subtle differences and delivers exceptional high-resolution greyscale image processing with 65,535 values per image.

For complete specifications on lunch pack ready meal inspection, download the application note.