Pack 400 HC 3-A Dairy

Meeting requirements for 3-A Sanitary Standard 75-01 for the dairy industry, built for harsh wash-down environments, including ingress protection compliance with IP69 specifications, making it ideal for inspecting raw products such as blocks of cheese.

The Eagle Pack 400 HC 3-A Dairy integrates proven design principles from respected industry authorities including NAMI, NSF, ANSI, and others to deliver a system that can be quickly disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and reassembled by a single person to save time, labor and maximize uptime.

The x-ray inspection system provides superior contaminant detection and rejection of products containing hazardous foreign bodies such as:

The Pack 400 HC 3-A Dairy features sanitary welded construction with minimized exposed threads and product contact zones. Furthermore it is a compact system and is ideal for existing production lines.

With its advanced image analysis software, SimulTask™ PRO, the system can also simultaneously perform quality control checks such as:

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Hygienic fasteners and leveling feet meet 3-A Sanitary Standards and prevents material harborage areas while integral cabinet and louver gutters channel water away from the product contact zone
  • Unobstructed sightlines and contoured surfaces minimize potential material harborage areas while ensuring fast and convenient visual inspection.
  • 32μin Ra surface finish on all exposed stainless steel and welded parts compliant to dairy industry design specifications.
  • Heavy duty blue homogenous urethane belt assembly ideal for fresh, frozen, or processed dairy products ranging from -20°C to 99°C, compliant with FDA & EU regulations for raw unpackaged foodstuffs.
  • Eagle Repository™ supplied as standard for ease of storing, viewing, and transferring production information or add-on TraceServer™ which provides enhanced data transfer and storage via external database to one or more Eagle x-ray machines.
  • Connectivity options available to meet specific needs using Ethernet TCP/IP fieldbus protocols for interface to business systems and Ethernet-IP fieldbus for integration into factory floor automation systems.
  • Click here to see reject mechanisms for this x-ray machine.