Pack 400 HC Poultry

Eagle’s Pack 400 HC poultry optimized x-ray inspection system provides superior bone and contamination detection prior to further processing and packaging. The Pack 400 HC’s space-saving design meets the strict meat and poultry industry standards required for machine construction and sanitation—including ingress protection compliance with IP69 specifications. It is ideal for harsh wash-down environments where daily sanitization of equipment is mandatory. A single person can disassemble the entire machine in a matter of minutes for thorough sanitation resulting in maximum production uptime. The Eagle SimulTask™ PRO is an easy and convenient to use operating system with proprietary detection algorithms optimized to inspect for poultry bones.

It combines powerful image processing routines with simple touch screen operation to deliver maximum inspection results for hard to detect contaminants like:

The system is suitable for detecting calcified bone as small as 2 mm in raw poultry or packaged poultry products.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Unobstructed sight-lines and contoured surfaces minimize potential material harborage areas while ensuring fast and convenient visual inspection.
  • Eagle Repository™ supplied as standard for ease of storing, viewing, and transferring production information or add-on TraceServer™ which provides enhanced data transfer and storage via external database to one or more Eagle x-ray machines.
  • Hygienic construction thrives in harsh wash-down poultry operations with its improved robust design built to NAMI and NSF/ANSI/3-A 14159-1 & 3 sanitary standards so that HACCP critical operations are met.
  • Heavy duty blue homogeneous urethane belt assembly ideal for fresh, frozen, or processed poultry products ranging from -20°C to 99°C, compliant with FDA & EU regulations for raw unpackaged foodstuffs.
  • Faster cleaning time and lower labor costs due to interlocked hinged louvers that can be easily lifted for conveyor access and easy belt removal.
  • Unique conveyor design featuring knurled end drive rollers with v-grooves improves belt tracking and retains its position even when cleaning or when rollers become wet or greasy.
  • Connectivity options available to meet specific needs using Ethernet TCP/IP fieldbus protocols for interface to business systems and Ethernet-IP fieldbus for integration into factory floor automation systems.
  • Click here to see reject mechanisms for this x-ray machine.