Remote Touchscreen Console

Eagle’s Remote Touchscreen Console (RTC) enables remote operation and display of Eagle FA3 series fat analysis and contaminant detection systems. In operation, the Remote Touchscreen Console duplicates the display and touchscreen operation for all FA series system on the production line.

Applications include:

  • Advisory display functionality to other points on the line
  • Image recall for guidance at rework stations
  • Use as a supervisory console

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Bright, color SVGA touchscreen display
  • Heated, rugged IP69 304 stainless steel enclosure
  • Integral mounting tabs

Standard Ethernet cable connections (two required) allow flexible installation up to 100m (328ft) away from the FA system. Food inspection systems in the FA series can support up to two Remote Touchscreen Consoles when the Dual Option is selected.