X-ray Machines

Eagle’s world-class x-ray food inspection systems provide unsurpassed foreign body contamination detection for metal, stone, glass shards, high density plastics or rubber and even bone fragments. Our x-ray technology for the food industry can also simultaneously perform numerous inline quality checks such as mass measurement, fill level or weight verification, component count, package integrity, as well as identify missing or damaged product. Eagle’s x-ray systems are built to comply with international safety regulations and suit many applications in a variety of packaging types for a wide range of industries.

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    Eagle Tall PRO XS x-ray inspection system for tall rigid containers

    Tall PRO XS

    This is a compact version of the Tall PRO X, offering multiple x-ray inspection capabilities for high-speed canned, g…

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    Eagle Tall PRO XSDV for x-ray inspection of glass jars and cans

    Tall PRO XSDV

    The Eagle™ Tall PRO XSDV provides 100% inspection for contaminants in rigid containers such as cans, bottles, and jar…

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    Upright Rejector

    The Eagle™ Upright Rejector is a soft rejector that transfers inspected upright containers, which do not meet quality…

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