New Packaging Formats Require Advanced Inspection and Integrity Checks

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Innovations in packaging for foods and beverages—which are designed to attract end user attention—can pose new challenges or impact the way inspection and quality checks have previously been performed. Eagle’s advanced x-ray systems can accommodate multiple and non-traditional package types while maintaining speed and efficiency along with safety and quality. 

Your new packaging looks different, which makes it stand out in a competitive marketplace. But an innovative new packaging format may also require a different approach in the inspection of contaminants and in steps you take to ensure quality and consistency.

Non-traditional geometries of glass containers, including jars and bottles, are one example. With designs that can go from round to square or that have octagonal structures, such vessels often have blind areas or corners where potential contaminants can lurk.

To detect and reject those hard-to-find foreign bodies, Eagle offers advanced x-ray technologies, such as the Eagle QuadView system, with four-view detection coverage in jars and bottles on high-speed lines. The QuadView inspects for metal, stone, glass, dense plastic and calcified bone and can also be used to verify fill level, measure headspace and verify component presence or absence. Click here to learn more about how the QuadView is used in glass containers.

Metalized pouches are another example of an emerging packaging format that helps increase shelf life and enhance appearance but comes with its own set of challenges. X-ray systems are more effective in finding contaminants in such packages than metal detection and vision systems, while also capable of performing quality checks that enable a manufacturer to deliver safe, quality products with a lower cost of ownership.

X-ray technology is likewise effective in finding contaminants in products with variations in density that are often packaged in metalized pouches, like trail mixes and nuts. Eagle’s Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) dual energy systems allow for enhanced detection of foreign material in multi-textured products. Click here to learn how one manufacturer deployed x-ray technologies to ensure the safety and quality of their product.

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