Fat Analysis

Eagle Product Inspection is leading the way in fat analysis and chemical lean measurement with our advanced x-ray technology. Our fat analysis (FA) systems inspect 100% of throughput in real-time, providing fat measurement accuracy better than +/- 1CL thanks to Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology. By installing an FA machine, red meat processors and slaughterhouses optimize raw material use, comply with end-product specifications and maximize profits.

Eagle FA systems are capable of inspecting all forms of meat—whether fresh or frozen, hot-boned, loose bulk or frozen blocks, vacuum-packed or packaged in cartons, or conveyed in plastic crates. In addition, our machines can simultaneously measure weight (critical for batch and recipe management) and perform x-ray inspection of meat for a wide range of physical contaminants including metal, glass, stone and calcified bone.

Eagle also offers a variety of industry-standard data communications options, including OPC UA and Ethernet/IP to enable easy integration of Eagle FA systems with factory floor controls and other automation and data systems.