Retail Poultry

With over 20 years of experience in poultry inspection solutions, Eagle x-ray inspection systems alleviate the challenges slaughterhouses and packers undergo by simplifying process demands through easy-to-use equipment powered by advanced software technologies. Poultry slaughterhouses and packers who supply to supermarkets and retailers can benefit from the combination of hygienically constructed equipment that stands up to the rigors of daily operation.

With advanced technologies such as our superior PXT™ detector technology and image analysis software SimulTask™ PRO, slaughterhouses and packers can harness unrivalled detection of harmful contaminants, including calcified bones down to 1 mm, as well as metal, glass, mineral stone and high-density plastics. Eagle’s combined technologies provide the formula for maximum uptime, secured safety standard compliance and quality assurance backed with traceability.

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Application example: our x-ray machines can simultaneously inspect for contaminants in chicken breasts, verify shapes and weight, among other quality control capabilities.

From raw chicken breasts or tenderloins to turkey legs and thighs, Eagle x-ray solutions can be installed at various critical control points (CCPs) including after deboning to check for bone fragments, before the grading stage where our machines can analyse individual shape and weight of products and at the end of the line after final product is packaged.