Processed Poultry

As a pioneer in meat and poultry inspection for over 20 years, Eagle delivers advanced inline x-ray poultry solutions for further processing to help manufacturers attain superior product safety and assured quality, all whilst benefiting from the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Our latest breakthrough in bone detection is PXT™, PXT™ Performance X-ray Technology, which allows processors to detect down to 1 mm bone fragments with much higher resolution images and capture more detailed product data than has previously been possible.

Learn about our new PXT™ technology and visit our resource hub for more information. 

Eagle x-ray machines can be installed at many different critical control points (CCPs) on your production line, for enhanced safety, strengthened quality control and improved processes for either single or multi-lane processing lines.

Our x-ray solutions suit a wide range of secondary poultry processing applications‒from inspecting incoming raw materials for contaminants and bone fragments with the Eagle RMI 400 equipped with PXT™ to pumped poultry product for further contaminant inspection prior to being formed or stuffed with the Eagle Pipeline. We also offer x-ray systems for inspection of raw product directly on the conveyor before final packaging and end-of-line x-ray inspection, before you ship to your customer, with the Eagle Pack 400 HC and reject system.

Whether your final products are chicken nuggets, turkey sausages or chicken fingers, Eagle’s SimulTask™ PRO image analysis software, combined with our robust x-ray systems, can perform simultaneous checks in a single pass and at high line speeds including contaminant detection, verify shapes and weight for grading, detect voids or check bread coating, among other quality control capabilities.

Application example: using a specially designed SimulTask™ PRO algorithm, poultry processors can inspect for the correct amount of coating on each individual piece of nugget and at the same time look for contaminants and check for correct weight.