Retail Poultry

Eagle provides x-ray inspection equipment specially designed to ensure the safety and quality of a wide range of packaged poultry products found in supermarkets. Examples include chicken breast fillets or kievs in trays, chicken pâté in plastic trays or glass jars, chicken nuggets in bags, and chicken and turkey slices.

As well as offering unrivalled detection of harmful contaminants, including calcified bone, metal, glass, mineral stone and high-density plastics, installing an Eagle end of line x-ray inspection system can help poultry manufacturers avoid product recalls and enhance productivity by simultaneously measuring mass, inspecting product seals and counting components.

In general, our x-ray systems are capable of 2mm calcified bone detection (potentially lower depending on the specific application) in a retail pack of chicken breasts.

The x-ray machines below are designed specifically for retail poultry inspection. In addition, through working with our valued meat partners, Eagle can help to deliver entire trimming stations for poultry.