Poultry Inspection

Poultry processors face daily challenges to produce safe, contaminant-free, high-quality products in an often-harsh environment while meeting stringent standards, at ever-increasing processing speeds and volumes. Eagle x-ray inspection alleviates these challenges by solving process demands through easy-to-use, robust equipment, powered by advanced software technology. The combination of hygienically constructed equipment that stands up to the rigors of daily operation, while being powered by the most advanced inspection technologies available, provides the formula for maximum uptime, safety standard compliance and quality assurance guarantees.

  • PXT™ breakthrough detector offers much higher resolution images and captures more detailed data about the product being inspected than has previously been possible, finding the smallest of bone fragments, down to 1 millimeter in poultry products.
  • Poultry processors can isolate and manage critical control points on their processing lines – from receiving raw material, through further processing, to ready-to-ship packages.
  • Gain reliably detection for calcified bones along with other foreign bodies, like glass, metal, mineral stone and high-density plastics, while performing simultaneous functions such as weight measurement and breast grading.
  • X-ray equipped with PXT™ means maximum uptime and simplicity of operation combined to improve throughput and minimize total cost of operation.
  • Less product rework, resulting in reduced labor requirements and improved operational performance.
  • Suitable for all forms of poultry, fresh or frozen, bulk flow to retail packages and from single multilane processing lines.

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