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If every little bit counts, determining the most accurate chemical lean (CL) value can mean the difference between giveaway and profit and between unverifiable and accurate product claims. Eagle’s innovative fat analysis systems use the latest refinement of Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology to deliver accurate CL values, along with contaminant detection and other quality checks that ensure the delivery of safe products that are ultimately satisfying to customers and consumers.

Who wants to give away lean meat and, with it, value?

Getting highly accurate chemical clean (CL) and fat content for 100% of throughput helps processors reduce lean giveaway, which is pivotal at a time of already-tight profit margins. Knowing the actual lean point of meat allows processors to capitalize on its real value and prevents issues related to overly fat or overly lean batches, which can complicate recipes and disrupt production down the line.

When errors or miscalculations in determining lean content occur, losses add up, often significantly. If one beef processor, for example, was giving away two to three percent of lean, higher-value product, losing 10 cents a pound every time, it scales up to a loss of nearly $1 million a year. The addition of an inline fat analysis system providing accurate values cuts those steep losses. Likewise, when our experts at Eagle worked with a meat processor to test the accuracy of their fat-lean content, they discovered a lean giveaway of more than two percent, which amounted to 1,600 euros a day or over 400,000 euros a year, before the proper fat target was achieved through advanced inline x-ray inspection and CL measurements. Click here to watch a webinar about the economic impact of fat variability.

As part of Eagle’s FA series of advanced x-ray systems, Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology – now in its third refinement – is considered the gold standard for CL measurement because of its highly accurate method of meat inspection, providing CL measurements to better than +/- 1 CL accuracy of all meat products. At the same time, DEXA technology conducts other valuable product checks like mass measurement, moisture and protein content and contaminant inspection for foreign materials like bones, glass shards, metal fragments, mineral stones and some plastic and rubber compounds.

The inline capability is quicker and easier than other traditional methods for fat analysis and CL value. Processors can get accurate, real-time results through the use of FA systems with DEXA technologies, which also don’t require resource-draining skilled labor. And thanks to Eagle’s SimulTask™ PRO advanced software, product data and X-ray images are stored and can be easily accessed for quality assurance traceability.

In addition to the tangible benefits of determining CL value, FA systems with accurate DEXA technologies provide other advantages, including processors’ ability to ensure that their meat products meet customers’ CL requirements, thereby strengthening the supplier relationships.

Want more details? Download a white paper to see how DEXA technology helps processors stay competitive by accurately gauging CL values. Watch a webinar to get more insight on how better managing fat content leads to cost savings, consistent quality and, in the final analysis, better value all around.

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