By ensuring the safety and quality of a variety of applications in the dairy industry, an Eagle x-ray inspection system can prevent harmful foreign bodies and substandard products from reaching consumers, safeguarding your brand’s reputation and reducing the risk of expensive product recalls.

Investing in one of our x-ray machines can also help food manufacturers to achieve compliance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)-based Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)-recognised standards, such as:

  • The British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety
  • International Food Standard (IFS)
  • Safe Quality Food (SQF) 2000 Code
  • The Foundation for Food Safety Certification(FSSC) 22000

Eagle x-ray detection equipment provides outstanding inspection of the following physical contaminants, regardless of their size, shape or location, within a wide range of applications, including butter, yoghurts, ice cream, cheese and powdered products, such as milk-based drinks:

In addition to ensuring products are safe to eat and drink, x-ray inspection equipment is a highly-effective tool for keeping customers happy. By allowing manufacturers to ‘see’ inside packaged products, x-ray inspection systems help to satisfy customer expectations and enhance productivity by simultaneously acting as quality assurance systems and performing the following inline checks:

Furthermore, foil and metalized film packaging and changes in product temperature and moisture content have no effect on the sensitivity of foreign body detection and solutions are available to inspect products in a wide range of packaging types, such as:

Hygienic Design

We understand that strict cleaning regimes are essential to prevent listeria contamination. For this reason, all our systems fulfillll international sanitary design guidelines and are easy to clean. Machines come with IP65 sealing as standard to cater for the majority of sanitary requirements, and IP69K as an option for equipment used in harsh wash down environments.