Identify Your Risks Across All Food Safety Hazards

Food safety hazards come from different sources – biological, chemical, allergenic and physical. Eagle understands that identifying the different entry points for any hazard on your food production line helps you create better preventative plans to reduce risks and ultimately avoid costly product recalls.

Prevent Physical Contaminants That Pose Food Safety Risks

We’ve compiled several resources to help you weigh your food safety risks and learn how x-ray inspection systems safeguard your product, operation and customers. Also, be sure to read our blog to see how x-ray inspection equipment can further help combat food safety hazards.

Learn How to Mitigate the Risks with X-ray Technology

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Case Studies

White Papers


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Find out how advanced x-ray inspection technology can improve your food quality management program.

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Eagle’s X-ray capabilities

An all-in-one inspection system capable of simultaneous quality control checks.

Dual Energy Inspection

Enhances traditional x-ray inspection and allows for the detection of materials previously unseen by single energy x-ray.

Fat Measurement

100% meat inspection provides precise chemical lean values to better than +/- 1 CL.

Glass Detection

Reduce the risk of costly product recalls, protect consumers and uphold brand integrity with glass-in-glass detection for packaged products.

Metal Detection

Capable of metal detection including stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals in a broad range of applications.

Bone Detection

Find and reject harmful bone fragments, 2 mm or less, in various meat and
seafood applications.

Stone Detection

Reliable stone detection with x-ray inspection technology in bulk applications.

Plastic & Rubber Detection

X-ray inspection systems are capable of detecting some plastics and rubbers depending on the material density.

Fill Level Inspection

Maintaining the correct fill level is crucial for product quality, customer satisfaction and your
profit margin.

Mass Measurement

Weight verification with x-ray technology is an extremely accurate process control layer to ensure high-quality products.

Package Integrity

A vital quality control issue, manufacturers can identify and reject deformed packages with x-ray

Component Count

Reliably ensure all components are placed in a package and identify missing items using x-ray

Trusted by the best manufacturers

Ken’s Foods – Foil Packaging Is No Obstacle To X-ray Inspection
Schuman Cheese
“Going forward, any new inspection systems or upgrades to current inspection technologies will be x-ray inspection systems, they are extremely reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain.”
Merrily Blasi Quality Assurance Manager
“Working with Eagle is great. We get to know the people and they are always there to help out when we need them to. The service and response we get from them is first class.”
Shane Barrick TSC Area Manager
Our chocolate makers take real pride in all their creations and like to make sure every single chocolate sold is simply the best, and x-ray inspection is helping us to do this by ensuring that each product looks and tastes exactly as our customers expect.
Mr. Mark Campion, Thorntons Continuous Improvement Manager
“We chose Eagle’s Pack 430 PRO because of the machine’s software capabilities – in particular, the multitask features which offered more options, compared to competitors’ machines, such as checkweighing.”
Vincent Angiolillo VP Engineering and R&D Strategic Initiatives, Schuman Cheese, Inc.
“When first presented with the idea of inspecting our products using x-ray inspection systems, we doubted that it could help us to improve and assure the quality of their products; now it is a fundamental part inside of our system of quality”
Ramiro Espinoza Kowi’s Plant Director

Eagle’s Support

In addition to providing industry-leading technology and unparalleled reliability, Eagle provides highly-responsive support and service coverage globally, through a network of expert partners, supported by a core team of regionally-based Eagle experts.

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