Fish and Seafood

Fish and seafood inspection is critical to prevent harmful contaminants and substandard products from reaching consumers. Eagle x-ray systems provide exceptional detection of glass, metal, mineral stone and some plastic and rubber irrespective of their size, shape or location. Our machines can even inspect challenging packaging like metal cans with pull tabs or lids, a tuna can for example. With Eagle’s advanced software, SimulTask™ PRO, density variation can be configured making it so that the system ignores the pull tab and only looks for the contaminant.

Eagle x-rays inspect a wide range of chilled, frozen and canned/preserved fish and seafood products like fish spread in tubes or glass jars, as well as bulk fish and seafood, ready meals, tinned tuna or herrings, and formed-style fish fingers or cakes.

In addition to detecting contaminants, our x-ray machines simultaneously check fill level, measure mass, inspect seals for trapped product and contaminants, count components and detect missing, partial and crushed products. Eagle also understands that the hygienic design of x-ray inspection systems is critical in order to prevent the growth and spread of biological contamination in fish and seafood manufacturing plants. For this reason, all our x-ray systems fulfill international sanitary design guidelines and are easy to clean.