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X-ray Inspection of Bulk Raw Clams with PXT™

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Advanced Technology for Shell Detection 

The Challenge

Seafood processors need an inspection system that excels at detecting contaminants in clam meat while also being robust enough to withstand extreme conditions.

The Solution

The Eagle™ Pack 400 HC is uniquely designed for harsh washdown environments like seafood processing plants. Hygienically constructed and equipped with IP69 ingress protection specifications, this advanced x-ray inspection machine can detect fragments of metal, stone, glass and shell buried inside clam meat.

When this x-ray machine is equipped with Eagle’s exclusive PXT™ (Performance X-ray Technology) dual energy detector, contaminant detection is taken to the next level. This complete inspection system offers higher resolution grey scale images making it easier to detect the smallest of fragments while still ensuring low false reject rates. Read the application note here.

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