Sausages and Hot Dogs

Eagle offers a range of x-ray solutions to inspect incoming meat for sausage production, processed sausages and packaged sausages.

The fat analysis (FA) and x-ray systems below are ideal for sausage inspection. By providing fast and accurate Chemical Lean (CL) analysis, our fat measurement solutions can help sausage processors improve product consistency and optimize production, leading to increased profitability.

We also offer FA solutions for use in recipe management and incoming meat inspection relevant to sausage and hot dog production.

By ensuring the safety and integrity of fresh, cooked and dry sausages, an Eagle x-ray inspection system can help meat processors avoid product recalls, safeguard brand reputations and protect consumers from harmful physical contaminants like calcified bone and metal that could end up blended into sausages and hot dogs.

Additional advantages of inspecting sausages prior to processing or packaging include fewer wasted packaging materials, less rework, and reduced product loss caused by the removal of contaminants after packaging. Removing contaminants earlier in the process also decreases the potential for expensive downtime caused by contaminants damaging downstream equipment, such as grinders.

As well as providing unrivalled contaminant detection, our end of line x-ray inspection equipment can simultaneously enhance quality control and boost productivity by ensuring the right number of sausages is in each pack and that packs are the correct weight.