Mass Measurement

Mass and weight measurement with x-ray technology is a reality – providing an additional layer of process control and due diligence to ensure a high-quality, defect-free product.

Our x-ray inspection systems have an auto-learn function whereby an acceptable weight pack is passed through the x-ray system, and an ‘acceptable tolerance’ is established for the product. The x-ray system can then compare all future products against its ideal reference product. If the calculated mass falls within a programmed tolerance, the package is good, but if it deviates, the package will be rejected.

Mass and weight measurement with x-ray is particularly effective for product inspection on high-speed lines where traditional in-line weighing systems may not be practical or offer the same level of accuracy. It’s also useful when space limitations mean manufacturers can’t accommodate separate contaminant detection and checkweighing devices.

Zoned mass measurement

For products that are presented in defined compartments, such as a box of chocolates or a ready meal with more than one compartment, mass measurement can provide results for each individual zone/compartment. X-ray software simultaneously checks the overall mass of the pack and that of each compartment. Additionally, the x-ray software produces a complete report, including relevant statistics on the production run and individual rejected items for contaminants, total mass and mass for each zone.


Figure 1: selective area inspection of a three-multi compartment ready meal

Featured below are some of our more popular systems capable of measuring mass. Visit our solutions page for a full range of machines.

Eagle Pack 320 PRO x-ray inspection system for packaged food inspection

Pack 320 PRO

Inspection of products packaged in foil and metalized film as well as standard poly-wrapped products.

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X-ray inspection for food quality assurance Eagle Pack 550 front view

Pack 550 PRO

Designed for x-ray inspection of food products packaged in large bags, pouches, cartons, thermoform trays and multipa…

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Eagle Pack 1000 PRO x-ray system for big packaged products

Pack 1000 PRO

The Eagle Pack 1000 PRO performs x-ray inspection of large boxes of multiple, individually-wrapped products in the fo…

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Eagle Tall PRO XS x-ray inspection system for tall rigid containers


This is a compact version of the Tall PRO X, offering multiple x-ray inspection capabilities for high-speed canned, g…

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