Eagle x-ray systems provide quality inspection for condiment manufacturers by detecting physical contaminants such as glass, metal, stone, high-density plastics, rubber and bone. Even foil packaging is no obstacle for x-ray inspection as foreign bodies can be located even through foil-lined tamper-resistant seals.

As well as ensuring condiments are safe to consume, our x-ray systems are capable of performing multiple inline product integrity checks such as fill level inspection, mass measurement, and seal inspection. Furthermore, our x-ray technology’s versatility is capable of inspecting a variety of complex containers like barbecue in single serve packets, ketchup in tall rigid plastic containers, dressing in foil pouches, and spices in glass jars.

Application example: The Eagle QuadView x-ray system can simultaneously perform advanced contaminant detection (even in the crown area), checking for metal lid presence and the weight of individual jam packed in glass jars.

X-ray inspection of marmalade in glass jars

Crown area inspection, glass-in-glass detection and missing lid checks, all simultaneously performed in just one pass with Eagle’s advanced software SimulTask PRO