Confectionery manufacturers face many challenges, from maximizing output and enhancing production processes, to minimizing the risk of brand-damaging product recalls. Eagle provides the confectionery and sweets inspection solutions your company needs to ensure a safe, high quality product. Our x-ray machines excel at detecting physical contaminants such as glass, metal, stone, high-density plastics, rubber and bone. Furthermore, foil and metalized film packaging, as well as changes in product temperature and moisture content, have no effect on the sensitivity of foreign body detection.

Using x-ray technology as an inspection method eliminates the need for multiple machines on one production line. Besides contaminant detection, our systems can simultaneously check fill level, component count, product voids, package weight, broken products and seal integrity.

X-ray Inspection of Confectionery Products

Eagle’s advanced software SimulTask™ PRO detects foreign bodies as well as simultaneously rejects multi-packs of chocolate bars with items missing.