X-ray product inspection is used for product integrity and quality control across a diverse range of industrial product groups. Automotive, aviation, steel, transportation and engineered product manufacturers can benefit from x-ray systems’ multiple inspection features.

Industrial manufacturers benefit from a number of x-ray capabilities:

  • Component count of their final packaged product
  • Detecting missing or broken parts for optimal final product integrity
  • Differentiate and identify between potentially hazardous materials
  • Package integrity ensuring no other stray particles have compromised the final product

Eagle x-ray inspection systems come equipped with SimulTask™ PRO high-speed imaging software allowing for various products to be dynamically analyzed in real-time enabling precise and accurate non-destructive examination from one product type to the next. Eagle Product Inspection helps industrial manufacturers keep quality assurance at the forefront of business and equips with the necessary tools to maintain a high quality standard for final product.

Featured below a SimulTask™ PRO image with tagged holes on a rubberized railroad tie.


In this example, the software is able to detect and identify holes that are larger than the size specification.

Below are tagged images identifying lead-free batteries from lead batteries.



In these examples, the industrial x-ray inspection system is able to separate darker areas made of lead from lighter areas not made of lead. Those with less dark area are configured within the software and tagged as a lead-free battery whereas the other with a larger darker area is tagged as a lead battery. This enables the manufacturer to keep the products separate during packaging and ensure no hazardous materials are mixed.