Eagle x-ray systems provide exceptional beverage quality inspection and detection of physical contaminants like glass, metal and some plastic and rubber compounds. Foreign bodies can enter the product before it is sealed, and our systems can detect contaminants even in extremely difficult locations, like the bottom of a can or the crown zone. Eagle’s advanced technologies ensure optimal glass in glass detection with low false reject rates at the lowest total cost of ownership. In addition to ensuring products are safe to drink, our systems can also detect accurate fill level and find missing foil seals or caps.

Eagle x-ray machines are capable of inspecting a variety of complex packaging types across a wide range of applications including coffee in single serve cups, drinkable yogurt in plastic bottles, soft drinks in aluminum cans, and milk in tall carton packs.

Application example: contaminant detection within the crown zone is one of the main challenges when inspecting soda cans. Eagle’s advanced software SimulTask PRO performs superior contaminant detection in all areas of the sealed cans and simultaneously inspects for fill levels at variable production line speeds with filler feedback for automated adjustment.

Coca cola

Stainless steel contaminants detected in crown zone and body zone in soda cans