By ensuring the safety and quality of a wide range of applications in the beverage industry, an Eagle x-ray inspection system can prevent harmful contaminants and substandard products from reaching consumers; protecting your brand’s reputation and reducing the risk of costly product recalls.

Eagle x-ray systems provide exceptional beverages quality inspection and detection of the following physical contaminants regardless of their size, shape or location, within a variety of applications, including powdered tea, coffee and drinking chocolate, cans of baby formula milk powder, cartons of fruit juice, plastic bottles of milk, glass bottles of beer and cans of lemonade:

In addition to ensuring products are safe to drink, x-ray equipment is a highly-effective tool for keeping customers happy. By allowing manufacturers to ‘see’ inside metal cans, glass jars and bottles and plastic cartons, x-ray inspection systems can increase productivity by performing the following inline quality checks:

Solutions are available to inspect products in: