Consumer Packaged Goods

X-ray technology’s versatility can be used across a wide range of consumer products from cosmetics to household cleaning supplies. Because of x-ray’s broad reach, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers can benefit greatly from its multi-faceted product inspection capabilities to ensure brand reputation and strengthen product quality.

Some of the benefits of x-ray inspection of consumer packaged goods include:

Eagle x-ray product inspection systems come equipped with SimulTask™ PRO high-speed imaging software allowing for various products to be dynamically analyzed in real-time for precise and accurate examination from one product type to the next. Eagle Product Inspection helps CPG manufacturers keep customer satisfaction by producing high quality products.

The image featured below shows a case of paper cups contaminated with stainless steel fragments. The SimulTask™ PRO imaging software is able to locate the foreign body contaminants in a packaged case of paper cups before it reaches retail outlets for consumer use.

EaglePI_X-ray inspection paper cups

Below are various tagged images for a box of feminine hygiene products.  Figure 1 was identified as containing metal contaminants, the contaminated box was rejected from the production line never to reach the end user.  Other x-ray software images were able to locate boxes with either more or less product inside each box by using product variance as a method of weight verification.


X-ray systems for consumer packaged goods are also capable of converting weight values to determine overall mass measurement. By first establishing an ‘acceptance tolerance’ for weight, an x-ray machine can accept a product that falls within this tolerance, if it does not then it is rejected from production.