Eagle x-ray inspection systems provide exceptional detection of the following foreign objects in a wide range of loose and packaged applications, including extruded snacks, crisps, dried fruit, nuts, seeds and popcorn:

Eagle’s dual energy Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology is especially valuable for inspecting foods with high variations in density, such as nuts.

Investing in one of our x-ray systems can also help food manufacturers to achieve compliance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)-based Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)-recognised standards, such as: 

  • The British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety
  • International Food Standard (IFS)
  • Safe Quality Food (SQF) 2000 Code
  • The Foundation for Food Safety Certification(FSSC) 22000

In addition to protecting brands by reducing the risk of physical contamination, x-ray machines are quality assurance systems capable of enhancing customer satisfaction by preventing damaged, incomplete or stale products from reaching consumers by performing the following inline product integrity checks:

Furthermore, metal packaging has no effect on the sensitivity of contamination detection and solutions are available to inspect products in a wide range of packaging types, such as: