Carton & Boxes

Eagle provides x-ray inspection systems for foreign body detection in a wide variety of food and pharmaceutical applications packaged in cartons and boxes, including meat, bakery, confectionery and beverages.

X-ray systems capable of inspecting products packaged in cartons/boxes can be found below. For a full range click here.

Eagle Tall PRO X inspection system for tall rigid containers small footprint

Tall PRO X

It offers multiple x-ray inspection capabilities for high-speed canned, glass and composite lines; running at rates i…

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X-ray inspection for food quality assurance Eagle Pack 550 front view

Pack 550 PRO

Designed for x-ray inspection of food products packaged in large bags, pouches, cartons, thermoform trays and multipa…

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Eagle Pack 1000 PRO x-ray system for big packaged products

Pack 1000 PRO

The Eagle Pack 1000 PRO performs x-ray inspection of large boxes of multiple, individually-wrapped products in the fo…

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