Contaminant Detection

Eagle’s superior x-ray inspection technology provides outstanding detection of the following physical contaminants regardless of their size, shape or location within a product:

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To be x-ray detectable, a physical contaminant must be denser than the product in which it is embedded. That means it will absorb more x-rays than the surrounding product and show up on a grey scale x-ray image as an area that is darker than its surroundings. Eagle’s SimulTask™ PRO image processing analysis and control software has the widest grey scale range in the industry, delivering unmatched contaminant detection performance.

Application example:


Image 1 – MDX Technology easily detects aluminum, low mineral glass, stainless steel needles and a whole golf ball in a bag of whole potatoes.


Image 2 – Calcified fan bone in a tray of chicken breasts (2 – 6 mm).



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