Stone Contamination Detection

All Eagle Product Inspection systems are capable of detecting mineral stone.

However, Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) lends itself to stone detection, particularly in multi-textured foods like mixed nuts and cereal, due to its ability to discriminate materials by their chemical composition (atomic number) using dual energy technology.

By enabling food contaminated with stone to be removed before it reaches customers or hits supermarket shelves, our x-ray equipment can help manufacturers reduce the risk of costly product recalls, protect consumers and uphold brand integrity.

Below are a couple of featured x-ray machines to inspect for stone contamination in food. View all Eagle Product Inspection solutions.

Eagle Pack 320 PRO x-ray inspection system for packaged food inspection

Pack 320 PRO

Inspection of products packaged in foil and metalized film as well as standard poly-wrapped products.

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Bulk 415 PRO

The Eagle Bulk 415 PRO maximizes contaminant removal while cutting product waste for dry bulk product applications

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X-ray inspection for food quality assurance Eagle Pack 550 front view

Pack 550 PRO

Designed for x-ray inspection of food products packaged in large bags, pouches, cartons, thermoform trays and multipa…

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Eagle Bulk 540 x ray inspection grains and bulk products

Bulk 540 PRO

The Eagle Bulk 540 PRO is designed for superior product handling and foreign contaminant detection of wet or dry bulk…

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